Dive & Dig Series Two to launch on World Archaeology Day - 15th October

The second five part series of our podcast, Dive & Dig, will be launched this Saturday! Episode One of “Exploring our Ancient Underwater World”, will be released on World Archaeology Day, and the remaining episodes will be published weekly. We were lucky to work again with Bettany Hughes and her production team at Sandstone Global. In this series Bettany and Lucy journey across the Mediterranean and the Red Sea to explore one of the world’s largest archaeological digs, the most ancient underwater settlement in the Aegean, the world’s oldest artificial harbour and ancient shipwrecks lost beneath the waves. 

Each episode focuses on a key site, from submerged prehistoric settlements to ancient shipwrecks, telling the stories of how people interacted with the sea, and what the archaeological remains can reveal about our past.

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Watch the series trailer below:

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