HFF Publication Series

Since April 2018 the Foundation has established a publication series. The focus of the HFF Publication Series is to support the publication and dissemination of high quality research pertaining to maritime archaeology of the Mediterranean region, with a focus on the eastern Mediterranean. The publication series not only offers HFF-supported researchers the opportunity to publish but also supports broader based research in the region through two main publication series, the Research Series and the General Series. A third series has also been established for the publication of short reports online only. 

The volumes in the Research and General series are published through Sidestone Press in Leiden, Netherlands, and edited and produced by the HFF publications manager Miranda Richardson (Publications@honorfrostfoundation.org). All publications are freely available through Open Access via a link on the Sidestone web site.

HFF Publication Series Advisory Board

  • Dr. David Blackmam
  • Dr. Lucy Blue – HFF Maritime Archaeological Director
  • Dr. Claire Calcagno
  • Dr. Peter Campbell
  • Dr. Nicolas Carayon
  • Dr. Stella Demesticha
  • Dr. Claude Doumet-Serhal – HFF Trustee
  • Dr. JD Hill – HFF Advisor

HFF General Series

This is a non peer-reviewed series that supports more general publication, including maritime archaeology policy and management assessments, collections of articles emanating from seminars or round tables, legacy volumes, and other works relevant to the Foundation’s work. Click here to view papers and publications from the HFF Steering Committee on UCH.

HFF Research Series

This is a peer-reviewed series that supports the publication of peer-reviewed monographs, theses, and edited volumes. 

HFF Short Reports

third series is the online-only publication of short reports emanating from conferences and meetings. Two collections of reports are currently in preparation emanating from the conference in Cyprus 2017, and the 2019 Maritime Archaeology Graduate Symposium, Southampton.


Honor Frost Foundation Publications are in English. Interested authors should send a volume proposal to the Publications Editor – Publications@honorfrostfoundation.org. Proposals will be assessed by the Publications Editor, the Archaeological Director, and members of an Editorial Board. All manuscripts for the peer-reviewed Research Publications series will be read by at least two external referees chosen for their expertise in the specific subject of the publication.

In the Footsteps of Honor Frost – HFF General Series

This is a collection of writings (14 chapters), based on the first day of the HFF conference in Cyprus 2017. It looks at Honor Frost’s life and legacy and particularly how it is influencing current research projects in the eastern Mediterranean. It is published in the HFF Publications General Series (not peer-reviewed) and is aimed at a wide general-public audience as well as archaeologists interested in the history of underwater research. The book can be ordered and viewed online on the Sidestone press website


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