Archive Fellowship

The Honor Frost Archive Fellowship offers the opportunity to visit the Maritime Archaeology Special Collections at the University of Southampton Library to conduct research on a topic centred on the Maritime Archaeology Special Collection, which includes the archive of Honor Frost.

The Fellowship is awarded annually and aims to raise awareness of the Maritime Archaeological Archives within the archaeological research community, to facilitate new research, and to disseminate the research outcomes to academic and non-academic audiences.

This is an open call and applications are invited all year round.

Within the collection are the archives of;

Honor Frost

Sean McGrail

Lucien Basch

Nicholas Flemming

The archives of Peter Marsden and John Bingeman are in the process of being added to the collection.

The Honor Frost Foundation focusses on Maritime Archaeology in the eastern Mediterranean, therefore research proposals should focus on this region. Ideas of research topics that could be covered by the Archive Fellowship include;

  • Research into the history and development of Maritime Archaeology as a discipline. This could look across the collection to understand for example, how policy was influenced and developed, what techniques and methodologies were being used, and to tell new stories about the development of the discipline.
  • Research into specific sites that Frost, McGrail, Basch and Flemming worked on. For example, the archive includes numerous folders from Frost’s excavations across the Mediterranean, some of these sites could be better understood with a review of the archival material, particularly where new technologies may allow us to re-assess the sites with the use of this legacy data.
  • Research into specific topics, for example the history of Anchorology. Frost was known as the ‘Lady of Anchors’ and her archive includes a wealth of information from her research on anchors. This information could lead to the development of an online exhibition on Anchorology, and Frost’s contribution to this field of research.

This is an open call and applications are invited all year round. 

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