Scholarship Reporting

All scholars are required to submit annual progress reports to the Foundation and a final report. This page provides information and guidance for the scholarship reporting procedure and online forms to submit the reports. Upon confirmation of your scholarship the Foundation also requires a web profile to include on the Grants Awarded section of the website, details on how to submit this along with the HFF social media requirements can also be found below. 

Please use the form below to submit a web profile upon confirmation of your scholarship and no later than the 1st November.

Scholars Web Profile

  • Please provide a description for the Foundation website, this must include your academic background, why you chose to undertake this PhD/MA, what your research interests are, and how this links to the objectives of the Honor Frost Foundation
  • Accepted file types: jpg, png.
    Please provide a profile image for the website

After each academic year all scholars are required to submit an annual progress report, the full report is required internally for the HFF Trustees and a shorter web summary is required to add to your web profile, please use the form below to submit your annual report no later than the 1st November annually. If your scholarship is for a One Year MA a progress report is not required, please submit a Final Report only. 

Scholarship Annual Progress Report

  • Input the academic year the report relates to for example 2018-2019
  • This summary will be added to your existing web profile, it must include an overview of your achievements in this academic year, details on how your research has progressed along with any courses, training, workshops, conferences or events you have attended as well as any fieldwork. This may repeat some of the sections you submit below for the Foundation, but please note this is a summary for the HFF website and the other detailed sections are for internal review by the Trustees.
  • Please provide a more detailed overview of what you have achieved in this academic year, how your research has progressed and any specific results you have achieved.
  • Please provide a more detailed overview of any challenges or issues you have faced in this academic year, anything which has affected your research or any issues faced in obtaining information etc.
  • If you have attended any additional training events please provide details, for example dive training, conservation training, workshops etc.
  • Please provide details about what you hope to achieve in the next academic year, any training you plan to undertake or workshops, events or conferences you plan to attend
  • Please upload any images (max of 3) from this academic year which demonstrate what you have done, these may also be used on your HFF web profile so ensure you have the correct permissions to use them
    Drop files here or

All scholars are required to submit a Final Report to the Foundation by the 1st November after completing your MA/PhD. Please use the form below to submit your report, the web summary will be used to update your HFF web profile, the other sections are required for internal review by the Trustees. 

Scholarship Final Report

  • For example, if you started in 2016 and ended in 2019 please input 2016 – 2019.
  • This will replace your entire HFF web profile with a final summary of your scholarship. Please include a summary of what you achieved, your results, any specific fieldwork, events, workshops or conferences attended, as well as links to any relevant publications, websites, articles etc that you contributed to. Also demonstrate how this links to the objectives of the Honor Frost Foundation. Please also include the title of your dissertation/thesis and if possible the abstract.
  • Please provide a more detailed overview of your results upon completion of your MA/PhD
  • Please provide an overview of any issues or challenges you faced during your MA/PhD and how you overcame these, for example, changes to your research topic, problems obtaining data etc.
  • Please provide details on future publication plans. Note: The Foundation requires all PhD scholars to publish in the HFF publication series subject to peer review, all MA scholars to submit thesis to HFF web site subject to peer review. As well as this all scholars must present or submit a poster at MAGS and/or the HFF conference. Any questions about this please contact Lucy Blue


The Foundation also has a Facebook and Twitter account, we encourage all HFF scholars to provide regular social media updates, particularly during fieldwork, workshops and conferences. 

You can mention us on Facebook using @honorfrostfoundation or on Twitter using @honor_frost. 

We also have a closed Facebook group for scholars to help you share ideas, you can request to join by going to the Honor Frost Foundation Group on Facebook.

Please only share information which is relevant to the Foundation, do not spam or post anything which may be considered offensive, also ensure that any images shared have the correct permissions and copyright information. 



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