IKUWA - 7th International Congress for Underwater Archaeology

The HFF team, scholars and bursary recpients

IKUWA 7 – Delivering the Deep, Visions for the Future – was held at the University of Helsinki from the 6th – 10th June 2022. The Honor Frost Fooundation awarded five bursaries to scholars and researchers from the HFF region to attend and present their work. Lauren Tidbury from HFF also attended to present the Listening to Our Past project, and with Cathy Giangrande, undertook a number of interviews as part of the Dive & Dig podcast conference special. Lucy Semaan from the HFF Lebanon team also attended to present a paper on the history of Maritime Archaeology in Lebanon. The bursaries awarded were to;

Mohamed Khedr – presented a paper – ‘Revisiting the Sadana Island Shipwreck: assessment and documentation.’

Marwan Osman – presented a poster – ‘Highlight on ancient Egyptian fastening method in shipbuilding: evidence from recycled ship timber.’

Noran Hamed – presented a paper – ‘Interpreting the Red Sea: the potential of eco-museums as a tool for public presentation and outreach.’

Artemis Georgiou – presented a paper – ‘Aspects of maritime trade and connectivity: the Egyptian transport amphorae in Late Bronze Age Cyprus’

Christiana Christodoulou – attended the conference as an observer.

The conference was a great success. The book of abstracts can be found here. To listen to the conference series from the Dive & Dig Podcast click the links below;

Episode One – Time Capsules from the Deep. 

Episode Two – People in their landscape.

Episode Three – Protecting Our Past

As part of the pre-conference excursion, participants were taken to Tallin, Estonia to see the ongoing excavation of a medieval shipwreck, and to visit the museum to view another shipwreck recently discovered and now on display. To find out more about the ships listen to this special News episode.

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