Photogrammetry Workshop- 08/05/2023- Alexandria, Egypt

Mai Ghanem & Mohammed Salama

This training event was organized by Mai Ghanem and delivered by Mohammed Salama, Mai Ghanem, and Ziad Morsy. This 5-day workshop was hosted by the Alexandria Center for Maritime Archaeology and Underwater Cultural Heritage. Nine people participated in this course, three from the Raquda Foundation for Art, three from the DUA, and three from CMAUCH. The purpose of this course was to offer a beginners step-by-steo course on photogrammetry, beginning with with theory behind it through to delivering a clean geo-referenced 3D model.

The outcomes of this training course were productive, evidenced by unanimously positive feedback from participants. The course effectively accomplished its objective by equipping professionals in both on-land and underwater archaeology with essential and advanced photogrammetry skills, now considered indispensable in maritime archaeology. The course’s success lies in its tangible impact, as attendees gained vital technical expertise crucial to their field. Moreover, building upon this course’s success, the prospect of organizing more advanced sessions in this field seems promising, offering a pathway to further elevate skill sets and expertise within maritime archaeology.

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