Mai Ghanem - 2021 - Ulster University Scholar.

I was lucky to obtain a Masters scholarship from the Honor Frost Foundation at the University of Southampton in 2019 (click here for more information). During the year of studying at Southampton, I became more interested in GIS and Remote sensing. knowing also that there is no one in Maritime Archaeology in Egypt specialized in this field.

In 2020, I started to learn more about this field and tried to know more about software such as ArcGIS and QGIS. I took two courses during the summer from the German Archaeological Institute iDAI, then when the HFF announced the scholarship for the GIS course at Ulster University I thought that this will be the perfect opportunity for me to enhance my studies in that area.

The Geographic Information System is linked to most of the sciences we study every day, it is a great tool not only for mapping but also for predicting information from different sources of data, I believe that this technology will help the field of maritime archaeology find more sites underwater and terrestrial, and give us the chance to interpret more with those sites in order to protect and engage with our maritime heritage.

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