Arturo Rey da Silva - 2021-2023 - University of Edinburgh Post Doc

Dr Arturo Rey da Silva is a maritime archaeologist and cultural heritage specialist with extensive experience in the field of international cooperation, capacity-building, and heritage diplomacy.

In 2021, The Honor Frost Foundation, in cooperation with the Rising from the Depths Network (RftD), awarded him a postdoctoral fellowship to study the potential of Marine Cultural Heritage (MCH) for sustainable development. Dr Rey da Silva is focusing the first year of this fellowship on the analysis of the outcomes of the RftD projects, leading to policy and practice recommendations to harness MCH’s potential for sustainable economic, social, and ecological development in East Africa. These approaches and conclusions will serve as models to measure the contribution of maritime archaeology to sustainable development in the eastern Mediterranean as well as helping to evaluate the governing systems impacting MCH in the region.

Since he was appointed, Dr Rey da Silva has already coordinated, together with the RftD team, a series of workshops focusing on the involvement of local communities in MCH governance, the environment and climate change, and the use of arts and cultural manifestations in knowledge transfer. He has also coordinated, in cooperation with UNESCO, a capacity-building programme for young African emerging professionals, and is currently undertaking a regional policy analysis.