Vanessa Ayoub - 2021 - University of Aix-Marseille MA Scholar.

During my two-year Masters program at the University of Aix-Marseille, titled “MoMArch: Masters of Maritime Archaeology,” I achieved several significant milestones aligned with the objectives of the Honor Frost Foundation (HFF).

For my M1 memoire, I submitted a work entitled “The Ancient City Port of Tripoli: An Interdisciplinary Approach (I).” This project encompassed a comprehensive literature review, delving into archaeological, geographical, and ancient sources relating to the ancient harbor site of Tripoli. This initial stage allowed me to establish the historical and scholarly foundations of the maritime activity in the city-port.

Building upon the groundwork laid in my M1 memoire, my M2 project continued with the same title. In this stage, I conducted in-depth research that spanned multiple disciplines, including archaeology, maritime archaeology, geomorphology, and analysis of ancient sources. The objective was to pose more complex and nuanced questions about the ancient city-port of Al-Mina, Tripoli. This research contributed to a better understanding of the historical significance and complexities of this maritime site. Both my M1 and M2 memoires were supervised by Dr. Nicolas Carayon.

As a Lebanese student, I took the opportunity to work on a topic from my home country. This not only allowed me to deepen my understanding of maritime archaeology but also contributed to the broader goals of the Honor Frost Foundation, which seeks to advance research and knowledge in the field.

In addition to my academic work, I participated in fieldwork at the Les Laurons site in France as part of my master’s program. This hands-on experience enriched my practical knowledge of maritime archaeology. Moreover, I obtained a professional diving certificate as part of the program, further enhancing my skills and qualifications for underwater archaeological research.

Beyond the formal program, I actively engaged in a geophysical survey of the 4th-century quay at the Al-Mina southern harbor site. This survey was directed by Dr. Lucy Semaan and Dr. Nicolas Carayon, contributing to ongoing research efforts and fieldwork in maritime archaeology.

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