Vanessa Ayoub - 2021 - University of Aix-Marseille MA Scholar.

I am an Archaeology graduate from the Lebanese University. I obtained a minor in Marine Sciences and Culture from the American University of Beirut, which was facilitated by a full scholarship I received from the Honor Frost Foundation (HFF).

Throughout my academic years, I have built up a passion towards Maritime Archaeology. Undertaking the Minor in Marine Sciences and Cultures at the American University of Beirut helped me develop my knowledge in this field and strengthen my devotion towards it. That is why I have chosen to apply to the MoMArch program -Master of Maritime and Coastal Archaeology at the University of Aix-Marseille- in order to pursue a career in Maritime Archaeology.

I strongly believe that the MoMArch program, with its focus on methodological grounding and field work training as well as its broad-reaching and comprehensive educational curriculum, is the ideal program for me at this stage in my planned career as a Maritime Archaeologist. Additionally, I agree with the Honor Frost Foundation’s main goal in Capacity Building as I hope that the knowledge and skills I will be acquiring through the MoMArch graduation program would constitute a start point in my long term plan to help with the development of Maritime Archaeology in Lebanon.