Judith Gatt - 2019 - University of Aix-Marseille MA Scholar

I am a Master 1 student in MoMArch (Master of Maritime and Coastal archaeology) at Aix-Marseille University. In 2019 I completed my degree in History and Archaeology at the University of Cyprus. During my undergraduate studies in archaeology, I participated in the Nissia Shipwreck Fieldschool organized by the Nautical Archaeology Society and the University of Cyprus and supported by the Honor Frost Foundation. This experience fueled my interest and passion for maritime archaeology. My main research interests are harbour and coastal archaeology in the eastern Meditteranean. My current Master dissertation research concerns the Hellenistic harbour network of Cyprus and its connection with the surrounding area. 

On June 18th 2020 I completed successfully my first year. The first semester consisted of six theoretical courses: Introduction to Maritime Archaeology, Historiography and regulatory framework, Theory of practice, and preservation-restoration of water-logged artefacts, Paleoenvironment, Conferences and Case studies by the guest professor. Each and every one of them contributed in their own way to expand my knowledge in maritime archaeology. This semester included also a one-week training at the INPP (Institut National de Plongée Professionelle) to obtain the French Professional diving certificate and also a field trip to Côte Bleu in Marseille to study the coastal erosion in the area.

The second semester consisted of a series of seminars and workshops focusing on our practical training. Intensive courses on Illustrator, Agisoft and QGIS software, seminars on topography, pottery drawing, dendrology, aerial photography, professional photography, photogrammetry, and conservation of waterlogged artefacts. During this semester I worked also on my Master dissertation titled ” THE HARBOURS OF CYPRUS AND THE EASTERN MEDITERRANEAN DURING THE DIADOCHI WARS” supervised by Professor Kalliopi Baika.
Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, all fieldwork training scheduled was canceled. However, I will be able to concentrate on the research concerning my Master 2 dissertation.


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