Jean Chaccour - 2022-2023 - AUB Scholar

Jean Chaccour AUB ScholarI completed both my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Interior Architecture at the Faculty of Fine Arts and Architecture (LU). I am currently studying for a Bachelor’s degree in Arts and Archaeology at the Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences (LU). The minor in Marine Sciences and Culture launched by HFF and AUB provides a new learning experience and a great opportunity for me to approach subjects infrequently taught in my main archaeological studies, which focus on land surveying and excavation, with a different methodology. I am interested in the early development of human societies where in most cases the found settlements are connected to seas, rivers, lakes, etc. This ancient lifestyle is better understood now through maritime archaeology, which offers a more comprehensive perspective in analyzing the relationship between people and bodies of water. I would also like to focus on the digital techniques of surveying provided by the program, including echo sounding and photogrammetry that help in the documentation, display, and dissemination of knowledge, particularly when dealing with underwater contexts rarely accessible to the public. These methods will draw attention to our submerged cultural heritage and will bring the hard work of diving archaeologists to the surface, via virtual reality or within the physical boundaries of a museum.

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