Mohammad Ali Itani - 2022-2023 - AUB Scholar

Mohammad Ali Itani AUB Scholar 2022I am currently pursuing a BA in Arts and Archaeology at the Lebanese University. Coming from a scientific background, as I hold a BSc in Physics from Beirut Arab University, I am going through my archaeology studies with an advertency to the applied sciences’ approach towards the field. I am interested in the deployment of archaeological sciences to reconstruct paleo-landscapes and to better understand how landscapes changed through the Quaternary glacial-interglacial cycles. Since questions related to how the change in paleo-landscapes shaped later hominin evolution, migration paths, and settlement patterns are ones I look forward to working on in my prospective career.

The southern Levantine coast provides optimal circumstances for the formation of accurate and well-preserved natural paleo-RSLi. Moreover, Lebanon was situated in the heart of the Levantine corridor of the Pleistocene, and a currently underwater part of it was, for considerably long periods of time, dry since MIS7. So, areas that were inhabited by Neanderthals and Homosapiens are now submerged underwater. Therefore, in addition to its historic records, the Lebanese coastal area is one of the most suitable places to study early human activity.

Accordingly, being awarded a scholarship by the HFF to undertake the MSCU minor is a brilliant opportunity. To be put on track to become a competent practitioner and play a role in the collective responsibility of developing the Lebanese maritime archaeological scene.

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