Big Anchor Project - ongoing

Stone anchor recording in Cyprus

Since 2009 the Big Anchor Project has been developing a global tool for the research and identification of anchors, from ancient stone to modern steel. The project encourages and enables both researchers and the general public to collect and share information on anchors around the world in a simple, fun and consistent format. Via the project web site ( this valuable information is then made freely-accessible via an online database.

The Big Anchor Project Phase 3 Development, will create several enhanced features of this successful crowd sourced recording initiative which empowers public volunteers to record historic anchors around the world. Phase 3 developments will include translated anchor recording forms, the creation of “how to record” videos for training volunteers, the development of a “stockless anchor” recording methodology; the design and launch of a Big Anchor Project mobile device application, as well as an enhancement of stone anchor submissions into the database.

These much-needed developments will create a truly 21st century tool for studying and sharing information on this iconic symbol of our maritime past.

Big Anchor Project – Website Project Map
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