NAS Online Course - Archaeological Illustration Pt2

A follow up course in archaeological illustration was offered and run by the Nautical Archaeology Society (NAS) on the 5th November 2022. The course was aimed at participants who had completed the first illustration course, and focussed on digitising illustrations using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop software. The course was led by tutor Mark Hoyle, and four students supported by the Foundation attended, 

  • Sirine Ghiye
  • Elissa Nader
  • Reem Nader
  • Nesreen Aly ElGaly

“In this course we were taught the principles of archaeological digital illustration. The course covered the familiarization with two essential software that are used for the preparation of illustrations for archaeological publications: Adobe Illustator and Photoshop. With the professional Mark Hoyle we first learned how to clean and manipulate images using photoshop. Later we learned how to digitally ink these scanned images using adobe illustrator. We also learned how to technically scale the drawings and export the final results for publication.” (Elissa Nader).

“Following the Archaeological Illustration course by NAS, the Digital Illustration for Archaeology was necessary for preparing physical drawings for publication in archaeological journals. The course demonstrated the importance of archaeological drawings in the face of technological advancements such as photogrammetry and laser scanning. Additionally, I was able to understand the crucial role of human interpretation of archaeological objects through drawing. I am now able to include subtle interpretive accentuation to my illustrations, by knowing the fundamental basics of the Adobe Creative Suite. In addition, I learned how to enhance any given image of an illustration through manipulation tools available on Adobe Photoshop”. (Reem Nader).

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