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The Honor Frost Foundation Publications Series supports the dissemination of books and articles on maritime archaeology of the Mediterranean region, with a focus on the eastern Mediterranean.

Books published may fall under the Research Series or the General Series. The Research Series seeks high-quality scholarship that advances the field of maritime archaeology in the Mediterranean generally and the east Mediterranean specifically. This peer-reviewed series also offers HFF-supported researchers the opportunity to publish a scholarly monograph emanating from their new and innovative research in the region.

The General Series publishes books of interest to the wider public, such as memoirs, biographies, and collected essays.

Volumes in the Research and General Series are published through Sidestone Press in Leiden, The Netherlands, with the assistance of the HFF Publications Manager, Sara Rich (publicationsmanager@honorfrostfoundation.org). All publications are freely available through Open Access via the Sidestone webpages for the General Series and the Research Series.

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Volume Proposal

For authors looking to publish through the HFF Publications Series.

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