HFF Publications - General Series

The General Series comprises non-peer-reviewed books on Mediterranean maritime archaeology that are of interest to the general public. It includes memoirs, legacy volumes, and collected essays, among others relevant to the Foundation’s work.

In the Footsteps of Honor Frost

This is a collection of writings (14 chapters), based on the first day of the HFF conference in Cyprus 2017. It looks at Honor Frost’s life and legacy and particularly how it is influencing current research projects in the eastern Mediterranean. It is published in the HFF Publications General Series (not peer-reviewed) and is aimed at a wide general-public audience as well as archaeologists interested in the history of underwater research. The book can be ordered and viewed online on the Sidestone press website.

Apollonia On My Mind

Nic Flemming’s memoir recounts the life of a pioneer in ocean science. Each chapter describes a thread that structured his work: underwater cities, submerged Ice Age caverns dripping with stalactites, the limits to ocean exploitation, ocean climate change, prehistoric settlements on the continental shelf, ocean law, and safe scientific diving. This book is available for pre-order on the Sidestone press website.

Under the Mediterranean – 1963​

Honor Frost published her book Under the Mediterranean in 1963, in the book she describes her first experience of diving in a well in Wimbledon to her first explorations in the Mediterranean. An excellent writer, Honor provides a fantastic insight in to what it is like to dive, it is in this book she states that ‘time spent on the surface was time wasted’. Much has changed since this was written almost 60 years ago, but Honor’s emphasis on the need for a rigorous scientific approach to underwater archaeology is clearly evident in the chapters of this book. 

This book is now available digitally

Under the Mediterranean with cover Click here to view

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