This page contains information about current and recently completed projects in Sicily supported by the Foundation, these can also be viewed on the Interactive Map

Previous Projects undertaken in Sicily:

Trinacria Soundings Project – Dr Elena Flavia Castagnino Berlinghieri and Dr Claire Calcagno – 2013

Archaeological Excavation of the so-called “Kothon” at Motya – Prof. Lorenzo Nigro – 2013

Archaeological Survey of the Seabed around a Punic Island – Dr Stefano Zangara – 2013

Digitally Recording a Submerged Naval Battlefield from First Punic War – Dr Jon Henderson – 2013

The marble routes: Isola delle Correnti Roman shipwreck Project – Dr Carlo Beltrame – 2015

Marzamemi Maritime Heritage Project Maritime Archaeology – Dr Justin Leidwanger – 2015

The marble routes: Capo Taormina shipwreck project – Dr Carlo Beltrame – 2017 

Marsala’s Shipwrecks Project – Prof. Fabiola Ardizzone – 2017

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