HFF Scholar Hassan HajjAli is attending the 2022 International School of Cultural Heritage.

The Foundation has recently supported Hassan HajjAli’s application to the 2022 International School of Cultural Heritage. ‘The International School of cultural heritage is a permanent laboratory bringing together Italian and foreign professionals in the cultural heritage sector with the aim of fostering mutual learning and exchanging perspectives and best practices on innovative approaches and solutions to the daily practice of the care and management of the cultural heritage’.

Hassan is an HFF Scholar and studied at the American University of Beirut, in 2021 he applied to the HFF for support to clear the Sarepta site, a Phoenician settlement, in order to undertake an archaeological survey. 

“I want to express my gratitude to the Honor Frost Foundation for backing my application to attend the International School of Cultural Heritage 2022. This is a fantastic opportunity for me to get fresh knowledge from experts in using technological tools in archaeology. The program’s topic has always interested me. This is obvious in my present research. I’m virtually recording the archaeological site of Sarepta (a Phoenician settlement excavated in the south of Lebanon that was abandoned in 1975). The first part of the online program will teach us from professionals in the sector. I also hope to attend the second and third phases of the program, which will take place in Italy. Where we will gain fieldwork experience. This program will not only broaden my knowledge and expertise, but it will also help me work on more projects and studies that will benefit Lebanon’s cultural heritage”. Hassan HajjAli

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