Reem Nader - 2021-2022 - AUB Scholar

I studied Arts and Archaeology at the Lebanese University. While doing my undergraduate and having some fun dives, I started to develop an interest and curiosity about submerged archaeology, shipwrecks, and ancient societies’ interaction with the sea. Knowing that the coastal plain in Lebanon is filled with archaeological potential, I decided to delve deeper into the scope of Maritime Archaeology. As I was recently granted a scholarship by the Honor Frost Foundation to attend the Minor in Marine Science and Culture at the American University of Beirut, I am learning about Maritime Archaeology and its various disciplines and I am positive that it would be a prominent part of my future studies.

I have also benefitted from many annual bursaries offered by the Honor Frost Foundation that helped me participate in courses with the Nautical Archaeology Society. The courses varied between Small Finds Illustrations, Finds Conservation theory, Promoting Maritime Archaeology through social media, Public Engagement and Hulk Recording. I am looking forward to combine the knowledge I have acquired with fieldwork and practice and be able to actively sustain and promote maritime cultural heritage in Lebanon. I wish to continue my research in Medieval Archaeology and Underwater Finds Conservation.

I have now completed the fall semester in the Marine Science and Culture Minor Program at the American University of Beirut. Because of the MSCU 201 Coastal and Marine Environments introductory course, I was able to develop fundamental knowledge about Maritime Archaeology as a whole. The course established an understanding of the different scopes of Maritime Archaeology and its history and the effect of coastal processes. Having a background in Archaeology, I was able to pick up the correlation between terrestrial and underwater archaeology and acquire a deeper comprehension of the potential of Maritime Archaeology in Lebanon. After receiving a notion about shipwrecks and underwater excavations, I was eager to learn about waterlogged material and how to conserve it in my future studies.
Moreover, I was able to develop my academic writing skills thanks to the additional writing tutorial that was offered by the professors at the beginning of the course.

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