Ali Najem - 2021-2022 - AUB Scholar

I am an early career archaeologist interested in arts, cultural heritage, history, languages and cultural anthropology. Currently involved in visual culture, permaculture and sustainable projects while completing my archaeology studies at the Lebanese University.

Consequently, I am working with various archaeologists in Lebanon who have helped me build a general view about various periods in archaeological sites, and I understood how the Lebanese sea can hold plenty of unexplored archaeology. This boosted my curiosity and made me develop a passion for the maritime field.

I am also a photographer and travel enthusiast with an International Studies educational background in an intercultural setting by which I had the opportunity to reside and visit several places around the world.

With the courses offered at AUB, I will have the capacity and the chance to broaden my knowledge and my professional skill set in the field of maritime archaeology, so we can reveal to others and to ourselves how the Lebanese sea can be holding plenty of hidden evidence and unexplored archaeology. I truly believe that studying archaeological remains is essential, excavating on land and deep sea can teach you a lot. But also understand that survival is important too, slowing down anthropogenic effects, global warming & climate change before society collapses is also important.

After five months of taking part in the minor program of Marine Sciences and Culture, I have had the chance to integrate the acquired knowledge gained in the introductory course with my previous ones that dealt mainly with the cultural landscapes and historical aspects of the marine and coastal habitat. While this program recognizes the multidisciplinary aspect of Maritime Archaeology, it mainly sheds light on the scientific and technological aspects involving several academic disciplines.

During the time spent in class, I discovered new questions I want to investigate as well as new topics that I would like to discover. With each activity that has been assigned to us, I acquired useful information and enhanced my academic research skills. This program also allowed me to learn how to synthesize the information gathered while reading with an open mind so I can develop sound research for my future career as HFF scholar.

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