Elsy El-Khoury - 2021-2022 - AUB Scholar

A desire to extend my knowledge and an enthusiasm to uncover the history of my country motivated me to pursue a career in archaeology. I believe that my educational background has instilled in me the qualities required to meet the rigor of this demanding course. I bring along with me a strong grasp of fundamentals in the sea world, unique but relevant work experience, along with a desire to learn, a tendency for teamwork and challenges.

I have undertaken a bachelor degree in Archaeology from the Lebanese University Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences, and I have finished my MA courses in Ancient Near East but did not complete my thesis. My fascination for the sea and my passion in art and history led me to apply to this program that will offer me the opportunity to combine my two interests to do a thesis related to maritime questions in the eastern Mediterranean.

During my studies in Archeology, I worked as a field archeologist in the excavation of Tabarja, Batroun and Akkar. Currently I am employed at the Directorate General of Antiquities (DGA) in the regions of Byblos, Kesserwan, and Maten. I gained a deep knowledge and experience in the terrestrial excavations, and this scholarship from Honor Frost Foundation will teach me new skills in underwater archeology in order to grow and to contribute to society.

This scholarship was an amazing opportunity thanks to Honor Frost Foundation, that helped me gain a deeper knowledge in Maritime archeology that I will contribute in future work with the HFF; also I had the chance to experience a lot of theories we learned throughout the year (geophysical survey, underwater survey…)in the field school. I participated this year with the HFF Lebanon team in the Geophysical survey and the Underwater project that took place in Northern Lebanon. My topic for the final assignment was the Economic advantage of the Phoenician coastal settlements


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