Nehme Elie Abou Rjeily - 2020 - AUB Scholar

I am a ‎holder of a bachelors degree in interior architecture, and a holder of a masters degree in urban socio-‎anthropology. I ‎am currently attending a bachelor degree in archeology at the Lebanese University.‎ During these academic years of study, I was fortunate to pursue training that gave me a deeper understanding and ‎background which supported my academic studies. In addition, through various volunteering and ‎social activities, I got to work with children from all social classes, thus prompted my interest in the customs and rituals of the diverse cultures in our world. ‎Anthropology, Architecture and Archaeology go hand in hand as the study of cultural and historical ‎context is essential in creating an environment that fits the needs of its inhabitants. Archaeology is ‎not just for end-users, but also neighbours, future users, society. Maritime archeology, the study of the history and material remains of people and their ‎activities on, under, near or associated with the sea, allows us to discover more about the hidden ‎secrets of the oldest cultures hidden under water. In addition, to the new information that will be ‎added to the history of our Lebanon due to the new discovers, maritime archeology, plays a key part in underpinning the world’s maritime and naval cultural heritage which is a big part of our culture that remains inaccessible to the ‎public.‎

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