Muhamed Mahmoud Aly Muhamed - 2020 - CMAUCH Scholar

In 2006, I graduated from the faculty of archaeology at Cairo University. Then in 2011, I obtained a diploma in tourist guiding from Alexandria University.
After my graduation I have worked at Alexandria National Museum for more than 5 years, where I have heard about maritime archaeology for the first time. As I decided to complete my archaeological career in the field of maritime archaeology, I am now a maritime archaeologist at the Department of Maritime Archaeology, Ministry of Antiquities, Egypt.
I am very grateful to the Honor Frost Foundation to give me the opportunity to study maritime archaeology at the Center of Maritime Archaeology and Underwater Cultural Heritage, Alexandria University. Where I will gain more information and knowledge in all aspects of maritime archaeology.
I am now in my first semester but I really have a plan for what I will do or at least what I have to do. Finally I want to say that, I actually consider this scholarship as an important challenge for me to prove that I can be a real academic maritime archaeologist.

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