Muhamed Mahmoud Aly - 2021 - CMAUCH Scholar.

In October 2020, I was awarded a scholarship from the Honor Frost Foundation to study a diploma in maritime archaeology at the CMAUCH, where I also had good experience regarding all aspects of maritime archaeology and underwater heritage management. My profound gratitude to HFF which gave me the opportunity to develop my skills in many topics related to maritime archaeology such as ancient seafaring, underwater archaeology and heritage managements.

The academic year which I spent at CMAUCH inspired me to combine the study of maritime archaeology and my previous study at the archaeological Islamic department, Cairo University , as I desire to be s specialist in Arab/Muslim Seafaring. During this time, I attended a number of online lectures and courses supported by Foundation. In March 2021, I introduced a presentation about the history of maritime archaeology in Egypt at the TOT online conference which was supported by UNESCO.

In October 2021, I was awarded a scholarship to complete my study as a Master`s student at the CMAUCH. I plan to re-read the original Arab/Muslim manuscripts, and undertake an investigation of the sources from which the Arab-Muslim seafarers obtained there information and compare these with the contemporary works.

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