Sidon, Lebanon - ongoing

George Papatheodorou and Eric Gotwalles

1966-1967 Sidon’s survey (Copyright Honor Frost Archive)

In the 1960’s Honor carried out underwater surveys off the coast of Sidon as development threatened the offshore island harbour, her work was published in 1973 in the IJNA and in the NMN in 2000.  Studies of this site is being continued by George Papatheodorou and Eric Gotwalles, with the support of the Foundation, and are undertaking a marine remote sensing survey, the survey is an ongoing research project designed:

  • to detect targets (surface and subsurface) of potential archaeological interest,
  • to obtain detailed bathymetry of the two ports of Sidon and around the area of Zireh Island,
  • to define the sub-bottom stratigraphy of the recent sediment sequence, and
  • to define the evolution of the coastline configuration at Sidon over the last 18000 yrs BP based on the mapping of palaeoshorelines features and the seismic stratigraphy of the seafloor. 
Click the links below to view the reports from the marine remote sensing survey’s
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