Tyre, Lebanon - ongoing

Aerial view of Tyre. Image courtesy of the Honor Frost Archive

In 1966, Honor Frost began diving in Tyre, on the southern coast of Lebanon, in order to investigate “some of the puzzling areas mentioned by Renan and Poidebard and to assess whether by using modern methods, it would be possible to add to Poidebard’s picture of this site” (Frost 1972: 109). She had spent more than seven years going over the same ground in more detail, recognising that harbour surveying is a lengthy and interdisciplinary process. As such she consistently expressed gratitude to the circumstances in which she worked, including the support and hospitality of the Institut Français d’Archéologie de Beyrouth and the availability of specialists centred in Lebanon during the 1960s and those abroad as well.

“On the 16th of September 1966, I spent five hours being towed along the landward side of the northern reef, stopping to dive on unusual features and landing on the rocky islets. In this way it was possible to get a general impression of the area and, by making traverses, to examine the submerged northern and southern limits of the reef” (Frost 1971: 107).

Work has continued in Tyre, click on the tabs below to find out more about projects supported by the Foundation. 

Images from the 2022 Excvation Season

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