The Intangible Maritime Cultural Heritage Project educational programme - ongoing

Maria Ktori

Maritime Cultural Heritage transcends the limits of the sea realm, including both tangible and intangible cultural elements. Traditional crafts, which are directly related to the sea and its people, are an intangible element being transmitted from one generation to another. Crafts like shipbuilding produce objects (e.g. vessels) which in turn are tangible cultural elements. Maritime professions are very good example of the convergence of tangible and intangible cultural heritage, which is further expressed in vessels, tools and human activities taking place in an aquatic environment.

The Intangible Maritime Cultural Heritage Project began in 2016, as a small-scale project aiming to record vernacular shipbuilding in Cyprus. It has since developed considerably due to the wealth of information recorded and the material culture itself. The project focuses on the vernacular maritime professions (e.g. shipbuilding, fishing, sponge diving, making sails) and the role of traditional craftsmen in their communities. Our main goals are to record each craft and create educational material for children and adults, as the primary means of understanding, preserving and promoting our heritage.

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