Large Grant Application Form-2023 EDIT

  • 1. Your details

  • Second Applicant (if needed)

    If you wish to add a second person to the application please insert their name, affiliation and email address below. Please also upload their CV in the ‘Applicant CV’ section later.
  • Please note that only one email address can be used at this stage to send confirmation once the form is complete, this will be the email address listed above in Section 1. Details in this section will be used internally by the HFF.
  • 2. Previous grants

    If yes please tell us about the most recent grant awarded to you below…..
  • Please give the amounts in either GBP, EUR, USD, AUD, EGP
  • 3. Outline of your project

  • Please give the amounts in either GBP, EUR, USD, AUD, EGP
  • Using the numerical format for month/year (eg. 2 years- 04/2023)
  • Please note that if your application is successful this short project summary will form an initial statement of your research on the HFF website and social media platforms. Please include any appropriate images and plans. Upload them using the file upload button at the bottom of this form. Please name any files clearly.
  • The Foundation currently supports projects primarily within the eastern Mediterranean, particularly Cyprus, Egypt, Lebanon and Syria. However, funding is offered in other regions or across regions depending on the project. Please identify the region of your research proposal.
  • 4. Full description of your project

    Please complete each of the following boxes. Please note that each box has a maximum number of characters. Be concises and use bullet points if needed.
  • What do you hope to archive with your project and what research questions do you aim to answer? How does your reserach fit within wider HFF objectives?
  • Briefly describe any prior research that will help us understand the importance and relavence of your project. What wider maritime heritage reseach agendas relate to your project? Why is now the ideal time for do this research?
  • Explain the way you will go about answering the reseach aims, objectives, and questions for your project.
  • Is the part of a larger project? Are you collaborating or data sharing with another project?
  • Please outline any training opportunities for students and/or volunteers from the HFF region (Cyprus, Egypt, Lebanon and Syria) within your project.
  • Please outline the outreach/engagement and communication plan for the project, including social media. What audience are you targetting with these plans? How do you intend to promote the project and the support of the Foundation?
  • What are your plans to ensure this research is available to the wider academic world? What plans are in place for material and information archiving and preservation after the project? Please note if successful, applicants are also encouraged to publish through the HFF publication series.
  • Please tell us each phase of your project (eg. research, survey, fieldwork, data collection, post-excavation, public engagement, writing) and the time allocated to it.
  • The Foundation also encourages applicants to seek, or indicate if they have already obtained, funding from other sources. If you have done so please explain how the funding will be divided.
  • Please discuss any ethnical considerations, including personal data protection, if appropriate.
  • Who will be managing the project for each phase? Will a large entity (university, NGO, Foundation, research group) be involved in management of the project?
  • 5. Financial information and budget

    Provide a detailed estimate of costs and give the amounts in either GBP, EUR, USD, AUD, EGP. Please Note: Grant Awards will be made using the rate of exchange on the date of payment. In exceptional circumstances, requests for equipment purchase, or preferably hire, will be considered but an explanation of the importance and specific justification for its use in the project is required. Grants will not be awarded to cover institution overheads or administration charges. Note also: HFF will review requests for salaries on a case by case basis.
  • Please give the amounts in either GBP, EUR, USD, AUD, EGP
  • Please give the amounts in either GBP, EUR, USD, AUD, EGP
  • 5.2 Please provide a breakdown of your budget (sought from HFF) per anticipated year using the categories below (if the work is only planned for one or two years please put n/a in the other boxes). If you foresee the work continuing over more than 3 years please contact us. Please add only total amounts per budget line for each year and provide more detail in you excel spreadsheet. Please give the amounts in either GBP, EUR, USD, AUD, EGP

  • Year 1Year 2Year 3Total
  • Year 1Year 2Year 3Total
  • Year 1Year 2Year 3Total
  • Year 1Year 2Year 3Total
  • Year 1Year 2Year 3Total
  • Year 1Year 2Year 3Total
  • Year 1Year 2Year 3Total
  • Please include a contingency budget for unforeseen costs. Contingency should be based on the risk that you have identified rather than a flat percentage but as a guideline should be no more than 10% of your overall budget.
  • Max. file size: 2 MB.
    Please submit your budget document as an Excel spreadsheet and give amounts in either GBP, EUR, USD, AUD, EGP, including the names of any staff members included above in the Salary budget.
  • 6. Publications

    List up to four of your publications relevant to the project and list all unpublished fieldwork, including publications in preparation and in press.
  • 7. Referees

    Please list two referees whom you must contact directly and request a reference for your project to be sent directly to the Foundation using the HFF referee form. Please ensure you inform them in advance that you have provided their names and give them the deadlines in good time to ensure they can meet the strict deadline request. In addition, we may ask for additional expert advice on your application, if we feel that is necessary to the evaluation process. Please note your application will not be considered unless both references have been received by deadline date. Previous HFF grantees undertaking a new project will be required to submit references as per normal procedure.
  • Referee 1

  • Referee 2

  • Link to referees form

    It is your responsibility to ensure that your referees provide a reference by the relevant deadline. Please send them this link: https://honorfrostfoundation.org/grants-offered/small-grant-award/references/
  • 8. File Upload

  • Max. file size: 2 MB.
    Please title your documents clearly with the Project Title and your name. We require you to send us your 2 page CV in pdf format.
  • Supporting images and diagrams can also be uploaded here, including relevant site plans. Please use the jpeg, gif, png or pdf format. Images may be used with your non technical summary on the HFF website so please ensure you have the correct permission. For anything you do not wish to be included on the website, please label clearly with ‘not for web’.
    Drop files here or
    Max. file size: 2 MB.
    • For any staff members listed in your detailed budget please provide a short CV of no more than one page in pdf format outlining their qualifications and experience relevant to the project
      Drop files here or
      Max. file size: 2 MB.
      • 9. Check List

        Please Note: We expect you to have secured formal permission where necessary. The Foundation will not provide any grant award funds until you confirm all the permissions have been received if required.
      • Thank you for completing this form

        When you are happy that the form is complete, use the Submit button to send your application. We will send you a copy as confirmation that we have received it.

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