Rawda Abdelhady - Training Bursary - Underwater Conservation, Italy- September-December 2022

I participated in a self-designed three-month training program, divided between practical and theoretical work between Rome, Naples and Calabria in Italy.

In Naples, the training took place in Baia and Gaiola to study the deterioration factors that the region is exposed to, whether natural or human factors. The objects were varied between maritime and underwater, dating back to the Greek and Roman eras. The building materials were various stones, cement, and tuff. The training was through Centro Sub Campi Flegrei, Subaia, and there were field visits affiliated to the Oriental University in Naples under the supervision of Dr. Chiara Zazzaro.

In Calabria, I participated in an excavation mission affiliated with the University of Calabria, to work on a shipwreck at a depth of 30 meters, dating back to the 19th century.

In Rome I was able to conduct a laboratory experiments to examine and analysis different samples of stones, to study damage problems, and to produce different solutions for coating stones to preserve them. I also started studying the problems of organic materials specially wood, there was not enough to complete it because organic materials need a long time for study and analysis.

This training was a milestone in developing my skills in the field of conserving and restoring underwater and maritime archaeology. I took advantage of my stay in Naples to make a comparison between the environment of Naples and Alexandria and the similarities that exist for the underwater sites between them, and how those sites are preserved in Naples, and what will be the inspiration for its implementation on Alexandria sites.

On a practical level, the professional relationships that I formed culminated in cooperation that will be invested in Egypt as well.

Dr. Chiara Zazzaro and Caterina de Vovo will join as consultants in the project of El-Max Rescue, which is being implemented by the Raquda Foundation, and is funded and supported by the Honor Frost Foundation.I will also participate in the Italian mission working in Marsa gwasis as a maritime conservator.Calabria

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