Under the Mediterranean II, Malta

Under the Mediterranean Conference MaltaThe Foundation awarded twelve bursaries for scholars and researchers from the eastern Mediterranean to attend the Under the Mediterranean conference, the majority were also presenting their work either through a paper or a poster presentation. This was the second Under the Mediterranean conference and took place from the 2nd – 6th November, 2022. The conference was organised by the University of Malta and supported by the Foundation, as well as Heritage Malta and Visit Malta.

Honor Frost’s connection to Malta can be traced back to 1967 and the Mellieħa Bay project. Ms Frost’s subsequent publication ‘The Mortar Wreck in Mellieħa’, can be considered as the beginning of underwater cultural heritage activities in Malta, as well as the beginning of a long association between Ms Frost and Malta, where she kept a house and considered it a second home. This connection was also celebrated through a small ‘Honor Frost in Malta’ exhibition at the Malta Maritime Museum, which included her notes and illustrations from the Mellieħa Bay excavation.

Below is a list of the Under the Mediterranean Bursary Recipients

  • Sami El Jammal – presented a paper “Exchange and seafaring in the Eastern Mediterranean: Metal objects and raw materials, witnesses of the exchanges between the Aegean world, Cyprus and the Levantine coast (10th – 6th century BC)”.
  • Andonis Neophytou – presented a paper “Liopetri-Potamos: a new dot on the map”
  • Nada Nofal – presented a poster “Bahar – the Maritime Archaeology Outreach Project”
  • Irene Katsouris – presented a paper “A digital approach to micro-stratigraphy: the case of Mazotos Shipwreck”
  • Hassan Hajjali – HFF Scholar – presented a poster – “Assessing the state of preservation of the Sarepta archaeological site, through a 3D photogrammetric survey”
  • Mohamed Mahmoud Aly Mohamed – presented a paper – “The iconographic analysis of the Egyptian Mediterranean coast within the (book of navigation) of Piri Reis”.
  • Mirette Abdelnour – presented a paper – “The Future of our Past: The Impact of Climate Change on Archaeological Sites along the Egyptian Mediterranean Coast”
  • Noran Hamed – HFF Scholar, presented a poster – “Red Sea Heritage: archaeological site management along the western coast of Egypt”
  • Ehab Fahmy – presented a paper – “Shipwreck 61 from Thonis-Heracleion, Egypt”
  • Vera Noon – presented a poster – “Maritime Cultural Heritage and Ocean Literacy: Mediterranean Agendas, and beyond!”
  • Elissa Nader – HFF Scholar – assisted with the exhibition on Honor’s work in Malta.
  • Sergio Kesrouwani – presented a poster – “ The Modern Shipwrecks Project, Lebanon”.

“The Conference was a spectacular event with more than 60 talks and around 40 posters, presenting various topics ranging from the impressive growth of the photogrammetry techniques and their application on documenting and interpreting UCH, maritime landscapes, new discoveries, and sustainable management approaches of UCH. All the scholars were generous and genuine to present and share their knowledge, which created an outstanding atmosphere with a remarkable podium” (Nada Nofal)

“most importantly, I was inspired! The book by Honor Frost, the inclusive projects, the beautiful speeches, the community out reach and museum activities… I got a lot of ideas, and hoping I would be more involved in such projects in my career.” (Vera Noon)

“It was an ideal space for intellectual conversation and learning about the most recent projects around the Mediterranean.” (Elissa Nader)

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