Vanessa Ayoub - Fieldwork Bursary - 2022

Géo-bio-archéologie du littoral – summer school – June to July 2022

The summer school “Geo-bio-archaeology of the coast” consisted of an introductory course that aimed to increase understanding of coastal landscapes over time. This interdisciplinary workshop was centred around the case study of the North-Western region of France, Brittany. The coast of Brittany overlooks the Atlantic Ocean and is characterized by a unique maritime landscape due to the high tidal ranges of the area.

Our daily routine began with a 2-hour course in the classroom where the instructors would explain the purpose of the day, and the discipline we would apply while meticulously defining its principles and basis. After that, we would head to sites where we could encounter real-life examples of what has been previously discussed. On the field, students were invited to analyze and interpret the case with the supervision and help of professionals.

The most important lesson I have acquired from this experience is the clear definitions of these disciplines explored in the unique landscape of the Atlantic Ocean. With these definitions in hand, I was able to formulate a scientific approach to the subject and ask adequate questions even if I wasn’t yet able to answer them. Aside from that, I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to explore a new part of the world with an in-depth look made possible by the presence and guidance of experts in the area.

For the upcoming academic year mastering in Maritime and Coastal Archaeology, I will be applying a Geo-archaeological approach on the case study of the City-Port of Tripoli, Al-Mina. For this reason, particularly, I believe that this workshop benefitted me greatly. Even though the Atlantic Ocean and the maritime landscape of Brittany are very different to my area of study, applying these disciplines with a fresh perspective, widened my understanding of the field and the basis of the disciplines.

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