Sara Abdelhameed Elsyed - 2021 - CMAUCH Scholar.

My name is Sara Abdelhameed, in 2021 I graduated from faculty of arts, Greek and Roman archaeology department Alexandria university. During my senior year in the university I was lucky to study maritime archaeology with my professor, Dr Emad Khalil, who inspired me to search and be more curious in this field.
After graduating with an excellent grade in maritime archaeology which increased my passion I decided to continue my studies in this field.
In September 2021 I was honoured to be awarded the HFF scholarship to study in the Alexandria Centre for Maritime Archaeology and Underwater Cultural Heritage.
Although I’m still in my first semester of the first diploma year I’ve already gained a good amount of useful information in the field. In fact, not only in maritime archaeology but also in the field of academic research. Day by day my curiosity and passion for the field and its related disciplines are increasing, and finally I hope by the end of my studies to be sufficiently capable and experienced enough to present new and useful ideas and contributions to this field.

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