Merna Maher Kolta - 2021 - CMAUCH Scholar.

One of my dreams since my childhood was to become an archaeologist. The first steps towards realizing the dream took place, and I joined the University of Alexandria, Department of Greek and Roman Archeology. While studying archaeology in general, I got acquainted with maritime archaeology, my desire to know more information increased, and from here my passion for this field began to appear. I graduated in 2020, and knew the existence of the Center for Maritime Archaeology and Underwater Cultural Heritage, to study everything related to the study of maritime archaeology in a specialized manner.

In 2021, I continued my passion and desire to discover more, and I am honoured to be awarded this scholarship by HFF to study a diploma in maritime archaeology, at the Center for Maritime Archeology and Underwater Cultural Heritage. This scholarship will have a good impact in developing my skills in this field and increasing my knowledge of maritime archaeology in detail, looking forward to learning more and more. I have many aspirations and desire to discover the hidden secrets of this science

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