HFF Training Bursary

The Foundation offers bursaries to current HFF scholars, as well as students and early career researchers from the HFF region, to participate in training events/courses relevant to their studies/research. The Foundation does offer specific bursaries for some conferences and events, so please check the available bursaries page before applying. If you are aware of a conference or event that the Foundation is not currently offering bursaries for and which would benefit a number of scholars/researchers then please get in touch. 

There is not a set limit for each bursary application, however, a detailed and justified budget breakdown is required. Each request will be assessed on its own merit. 

Please ensure you provide enough information in the application form below to provide clear justifications as to why this course is relevant and compliments your current skills set, and how this course will help your career development and contribute to the development of the field in the HFF region.

The application form must be submitted at least one month before the course application deadline. Please also note that it can take up to four weeks for us to make a decision and organise payment so you must allow enough time for processing visa applications etc. 

The bursary will go towards covering most, if not all, of the costs (airfare/ travel, visa and participant fee) associated with the training/event.

All successful recipients will be required to submit a full report two weeks after the course has finished. If applicable we will also require recipients to demonstrate how their knowledge has been shared with other students (this can be through a presentation of what you have learnt, an email summary or a poster circulated to fellow students). All recipients must also acknowledge the support of the Foundation in any social media posts relating to the course/event.

If for any reason the course is cancelled or travel is disrupted (due to covid for example) then it is the recipient’s responsibility to try to recoup as many of the costs as possible to be returned to the Foundation

Application for the HFF Scholar Training Bursary


About the course/event

Please provide the name of the course or training event you wish to attend
DD slash MM slash YYYY
DD slash MM slash YYYY
Please provide information on what the course covers and any web links to the course details.

About You

Please provide a summary of your background in maritime archaeology (experience to date, volunteering etc) and your current status (for example first year MA student, second year PhD student etc.)
If yes please provide more details about other bursaries, grants or scholarships the Foundation has previously awarded you
Please provide information on why you wish to attend the course/conference/event, what benefit this will have to you as a student and in terms of building capacity in maritime archaeology in the HFF region. Please also explain what this course/event will provide that is not already covered by your current institution.

Budget and Supporting Documents

Please state the total amount requested from the Foundation. Please also attach a budget breakdown with justification as an excel file below.
Please upload an excel file
Max. file size: 2 MB.
Please attach a letter of support from someone within your institution (a lecturer for example) explaining why this training course will be of benefit to you. This should be uploaded as a word doc or pdf and signed.
Max. file size: 2 MB.
Please upload a brief CV, ideally no more than one page, as a word doc or pdf
Max. file size: 2 MB.

Bursary Terms and Conditions

If your application is successful we ask that you abide by the following terms and conditions, please tick these to confirm you understand and accept
Terms of award(Required)

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