Mohamed Abdelghany - 2021 - CMAUCH Scholar.

One day all of your dreams come true. One of my dreams is to be an archaeologist such as my father. In 2005, I graduated from Cairo University from the Faculty of Arts, department of history. After my graduation in 2006, I have worked as Curator at the National Museum of Alexandria – Ministry of Antiquities Egypt.
During this period, I had worked on a lot of museum projects, so in 2008 I worked as head of the training program at Alexandria national museum. In addition, I have taken several courses in Museology.
In 2015, I obtained an ICOM Egypt Award (Sustainable society) for establishing the Training Center at the National Museum of Alexandria for archaeological students from various Colleges and institutes. In addition during this year; I also obtained a Diploma in Coptic Studies from Alexandria University. In 2016, I obtained (PEAP) – FT – 15 weeks from NTU. Then I worked as archaeological Inspector at the Technical office of Central Administration of Lower Egypt.
Currently I work as the Archaeological Inspector at the Central Administration of Underwater Archaeology and to enhance and develop my professional work I should complete my study in this amazing field.
I am honoured to be awarded the HFF Scholarship to study the diploma in Maritime Archaeology at the Alexandria University Centre for Maritime Archaeology & Underwater Cultural Heritage, which will be more useful and beneficial for me, and will impact positively on work performance in our administration.

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