NAS Online Course - Hulk Recording

On the 20th February 2021 the Foundation funded five students and researchers from the HFF region to attend the NAS online hulk recording course ‘Knackered boats and how to record them’. The course was run by Ian Cundy, Grant Bettinson and Andy Sherman. The course covered recording and identification techniques as well as an introduction to using the CITiZAN app. 

“Thanks to this course, I was able to obtain new skills for documenting hulks on the foreshore more efficiently, in a limited timeframe (due to tidal windows). Subsequently, I was able to learn how to overcome environmental obstacles and potential dangers (high tides, deep mud, buried missiles on the shore…etc.). In addition, I learned how to accurately describe hulks, by knowing the anatomy, terminology and different typology. Most importantly, and my favorite part, was learning how to interpret the data given through different observations and tips that can help dating knackered boats. Depending on the form, the material used and the planking, I am now able to determine the rarity and date of a boat more efficiently” Reem Nader.

“The course was very well structured, providing the participants necessary details on designing and delivering the CITIZAN programme, technical information on vessels encountered in England and hulk classification, as well as practical exercises to familiarise ourselves with documentation and dissemination methods. What I found particularly useful is that the CITIZAN can function as a model programme for many countries, as they have implemented a successful heritage management system by engaging and educating the public” Maria Ktori

The five bursaries to attend the course were awarded to

  • Maria Ktori
  • Nehme Elie Abou Rjeily
  • Reem Nader
  • Hassan HajjAli
  • Sirine Ghiye


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