Anna Demetriou - 2021-2023 University of Cyprus Post Doctoral Fellowship

In 2021 the Foundation awarded a post-doctoral scholarship to Dr Anna Demetriou at the University of Cyprus. Anna will be undertaking a project called SHARE “Mapping SHipwreck ARchaeologies in the Eastern Mediterranean: the sites, the people, and the environment”. 

“SHARE” aims to investigate the history of the development of shipwreck archaeological practice in the wider eastern Mediterranean (i.e. the Levantine Sea and the Aegean). To that end, the project will document the published ancient shipwreck sites located in the area dating from prehistory up to the 19th century AD. Through the study of various sources (i.e.: published material, archival sources, interviews), “SHARE” will examine the different aspects of the shipwrecks documented in the region: (1) their archaeological context, i.e. the material preserved, (2) their intellectual context: i.e. the research and management methods applied and their intellectual background, and (3) their social context: i.e. the personal stories of the people involved in the field and the socio-political background of the work undertaken through the years.

The material collected will be published in an open-access database, which will contain (1) a GIS map, (2) detailed information of the shipwrecks documented, and (3) a digital archive of transcribed interviews.

In this way, “SHARE” aspires to contribute to the comprehensive understanding of the development of shipwreck archaeology in the region. Most importantly, it seeks to provide the necessary tools that will facilitate future research and management planning of ancient shipwreck sites in the area.

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