Vanessa Ayoub - 2019-2020 - AUB Scholar

I am an Archaeology graduate from the Lebanese University, I received a scholarship from the Honor Frost Foundation to attend a Minor in Marine Sciences and Cultures at the American University of Beirut. The Marine Sciences and Cultures Minor included three theoretical courses and a practical course. The theoretical courses provided us with a wide introduction to multiple disciplines in order to have a comprehensive view of human interaction with the sea in ancient times. These disciplines covered principles of not only Archaeology but also of oceanography, geology, and biology.

We were also introduced to the basics of Marine Techniques as well as an overview of the importance Maritime Cultural Heritage holds in today’s ever-changing landscape. Undertaking the Minor in Marine Sciences and Cultures at the American University of Beirut helped me develop my knowledge in this field and strengthen my devotion towards it. I have completed my minor with a 3.47 GPA.

For the practical course, the Scholarship provided me with an Open Water dive training which I extended to include further diving certificates. And I concluded my education with a 3D model Assignment. With this scholarship, I am now able to take part in Maritime Archaeological fieldwork as part of HFF’s purpose in capacity building and promoting Maritime Archaeology in Lebanon.

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