Hassan HajjAli - 2020 - AUB Scholar

I am currently attending the maritime archaeology minor at AUB. Simultaneously, I am working on my master’s thesis in classic Archaeology at the Lebanese University, “ Virtual Recording for Sarepta Site as a Sustainable Safeguard Method of a Risk Management Plan”. I obtained my master’s degree in tourism management at the Lebanese University, I have participated in and attended many courses, conferences, and workshops related to archaeology, as well as the GIS and SFM workshops organised by the Deutsches Archaologisches Institute and the Finds Conservation course organized by NAS and the HFF.

I chose to undertake the maritime archaeology courses to build up and enrich my knowledge and capabilities. Which will enable me to go through new paths concerning my research and future studies, as well as new career opportunities.

My main interests are to reveal, preserve, and promote the archaeological sites and the cultural heritage of Lebanon. This fabulous country with its long history hides a lot of inland and underwater archaeology waiting for us to discover it. Then studying these archaeological remains and making them available by publishing the results. Finally the most important part is to conserve these sites and finds along with building awareness about them. Not to mention that these archaeological sites can economically help the local communities by developing and promoting sustainable cultural heritage tourism in those areas.

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