Under the Mediterranean

Available now for pre-order is the next book in the HFF Publication Series – Under the Mediterranean I, Studies in Maritime Archaeology. 

This volume is a collection of 19 articles in three sections reporting on recent research on the archaeology of shipwrecks, harbours, and maritime landscapes in the Mediterranean region. The shipwrecks section looks at excavated vessels from Mazotos, Modi Island, the port of Rhodes, Naples, and Narbonne, as well as a sailing reconstruction of the Ma‘agan Mikhael ship.

The harbours section includes articles on areas from the Levant to Seville looking at a variety of harbour defence systems and dockyards dating from the Bronze Age to the 12th century AD.

Articles in the third section on maritime cultural landscapes combine data sets to examine human interactions with the sea: navigation from the perspectives of the accounts of early geographers, the skills required by the earliest sailors, and the contextual reconstruction of sea routes and geoarchaeological evidence used to analyse the choice of harbour location.

This volume will be of interest to students and archaeologists researching the Mediterranean region, and all interested in a wide range of recent advances in maritime archaeology. The book will also be available to read online for free.

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Honor Frost published her book Under the Mediterranean in 1963, in the book she describes her first experience of diving in a well in Wimbledon to her first explorations in the Mediterranean. An excellent writer, Honor provides a fantastic insight in to what it is like to dive, it is in this book she states that ‘time spent on the surface was time wasted’. Much has changed since this was written almost 60 years ago, but Honor’s emphasis on the need for a rigorous scientific approach to underwater archaeology is clearly evident in the chapters of this book. 

This book is now available digitally

Under the Mediterranean with cover
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