Sergio El Kesrouwani - 2018 - University of Southampton MA Scholar

Sergio El Kesrouwani, completed his undergraduate degree at the American University of Beirut. He participated in university led excavations on Bronze and Iron age coastal sites in the north and south of Lebanon. His first experience with maritime archaeology began during the 2017 NAS (Nautical Archaeology Society) field school in Lebanon. Through the funding of the HFF, Sergio first obtained his diving license, (Open water, SSI). During the field school, he was taught the basic skills of surveying and recording submerged artefacts, which included stone anchors on the coast of Anfeh, North Lebanon.

In 2018, Sergio was awarded the studentship by the HFF to complete an MA in Maritime Archaeology at the University of Southampton.

The rapid development of beach resorts and the impending development of the offshore oil and gas industry represent both a threat to the archaeology and maritime heritage of the region, but also an opportunity for the funding of new and much needed projects. A motivated and able team of maritime archaeologists is now needed more than ever; Sergio hopes to play a significant part in undertaking such projects which will no doubt provide the international community with valuable knowledge and save the rapidly disappearing maritime heritage.

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