Anna Demetriou - 2016 - University of Cyprus PhD Scholar

I completed my undergraduate studies in archaeology in 2006, at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece (Department of History and Archaeology, Faculty of Philosophy). I then continued my studies at the University College London (2007) where I acquired a Masters degree on Management of Archaeological Sites.

Between the years 2008 – 2012 I worked with the Thetis Foundation for the Protection of Underwater Cultural as Executive Director, having started in parallel my PhD at the University of Cyprus, in 2010. During the academic year 2013-2014 I worked as a Research Assistant at the Maritime Archaeological Research Laboratory (MARELab) of the University of Cyprus. Since 2009, I have participated in several underwater archaeological projects in Cyprus (Mazotos shipwreck project, Nissia shipwreck Project, and Xylophagou Anchorage Project).

The Honor Frost Foundation has awarded me a PhD Student Grant for the completion of my PhD studies, under the supervision of Dr. Stella Demesticha. Due to the Foundation’s generous support, I will be able to focus exclusively for a year on writing my thesis entitled ‘Ancient shipwreck sites in Cyprus: tracing the fragments of,their material biography in the present’. My research investigates the practical and the theoretical issues related to the research, management, interpretation, and presentation of ancient shipwreck sites. The aim is to illustrate how archaeologists and the public view and engage today with ancient shipwrecks as archaeological source material. In this light, my research seeks to propose a re-negotiated axis of interpretation and public presentation of ancient shipwreck sites.

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