Maʻagan Mikhael B, Israel: a preliminary report of a Late Byzantine–early Islamic period shipwreck – 2018

Maayan Cohen and Deborah Cvikel were awarded an Open Access Grant in October 2018 to publish their paper in the International Journal of Nautical Archaeology as an open access article. 

The Maʻagan Mikhael B shipwreck was found in 1.5m of water, beneath 1.5m of sand, 70m off the Mediterranean coast of Israel. The hull remains are in a good state of preservation, comprising the endposts, aprons, framing timbers, hull planks, stringers, and bulkheads. The finds comprise rigging elements, wooden artefacts, organic finds, animal bones, glassware, coins, bricks, stones, ceramic sherds, and complete amphoras. The shipwreck was dated to the 7th–8th centuries AD; which makes it an exceptional source of information regarding various aspects of ship construction, seamanship, and seafaring in the area in Late Antiquity.
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