IKUWA7 – 7TH International Congress for Underwater Archaeology

Helsinki – 2nd – 5th June 2020

The ‘International Congresses on Underwater Archaeology’ have become an important part of the programme to exchange information and experience in this important and still growing branch of archaeology. The proceedings of the first five conferences (in Germany, Zurich, London, Croatia and Spain) have been published; and that of the sixth, held in Western Australia, is under way. 

The Foundation is offering the opportunity for postgraduate students from the eastern Mediterranean region* to apply for support in the form of bursaries to attend the conference. The amount of the bursary is a lump sum to cover the costs of transportation, accommodation, registration and visas (if required).

The Foundation is offering up to five bursaries for postgraduate students and early career researchers to attend the conference.

  • EU/UK based regional applicants -800EU
  • Regional applicants -1000EU


  • Eligible applicants must come from the HFF region*.
  • Applicants must be at Master or PhD level, in progress or recently awarded.
  • Applicants who have submitted a paper or poster to the conference will be given priority. The deadline for submitting papers and posters to the conference is the 28th August 2019. Click here for details
  • Successful applicants are required to submit an activity report within one month of attending the conference; a template for the report will be provided.

*The HFF region here is defined as Cyprus, Lebanon, Syria and Egypt. However, please note that this is not open to students registered at the Centre for Maritime Archaeology and Underwater Cultural Heritage (CMAUCH) as alternative funding is available: contact Emad Khalil for details.

To apply, please complete the application form below; the deadline for applications is the 30th September 2019


  • Please provide more information which amongst other things, demonstrates a strong interest and commitment to maritime archaeology, outlines why you should receive this support, indicating why you have chosen to take part in the conference and what benefit this brings you specifically as well as your potential peers
  • If you have submitted a paper or poster please provide the abstract here, if you have not submitted a paper or poster please state ‘not applicable’.
  • Please state whether you are applying for the 800EU (EU/UK based regional applicants) or the 1000EU (Regional applicants). Please also provide a summary of your estimated costs, please note the Foundation provides funding for transportation, accommodation, registration and visas (if required).
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