'Under the Mediterranean' - Short Report Series

From the 20 – 24 October 2017 the Honor Frost Foundation sponsored the ‘Under the Mediterranean’ conference which was held on the centenary of Honor Frost’s birth in Cyprus. The conference was organised by Stella Demesticha (University of Cyprus, Maritime Archaeological Research Laboratory) and Lucy Blue (Maritime Archaeological Director HFF/ University of Southampton, Centre for Maritime Archaeology)

The conference was a huge success with over 100 speakers discussing topics ranging from ship construction, harbours and maritime cultural landscapes to maritime connectivity in the ancient world. Friends and colleagues of Honor Frost shared their memories of working with her and discussed the far-reaching effect she has had on the field of maritime archaeology. This combination of scholarly collaboration with the appreciation and commemoration of a truly remarkable figure in the field of maritime archaeology created a unique atmosphere that we hope will be relived again in the future. This page contains links to a series of short reports written as a result of the conference. Find out more about the conference here.

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