Sara Dahy- 2023- CMAUCH Scholar

I am Sara Dahy from Egypt; graduated from the faculty of Arts Greek and Roman Archaeology department, Alexandria University. I had lots of trainings in museums and volunteering experiences because of my public engagement capacity, as I wanted to find my place within the archaeological community, and once I had a field school with the Center d’Études Alexandrines, which gave me a new perspective for archeology in which I found myself interested in the site formation process, besides the maritime archaeology course in the college, these two things made me curious to know about maritime archaeology and how the sites are formed. By the end of the course, Dr. Emad told us about the HFF and the scholarship, which sounded remarkable, so I chose to apply with great ambition to undertake the MA, driven by the passion of the priceless moments to be the first one to get close to facts from hundreds or thousands of years ago. Also, diving into some tragic stories on the sites is a very human thing. I want to experience these things, to feel what they went through and learn from the history that can be told by wood, bones, and various materials, and I want to show the people the beauty of this science. It is not just the moment we find something new that triggers me; it is once we publish its results to the world, therefore I want to achieve real results in the field of sunken antiquities.

I would like to thank the Honor Frost Foundation for the exceptional opportunity.

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