Emad Khalil - Technical Diving Course - August 2023

The courses I attended provided the necessary knowledge and skills required to carryout safe diving to the depth of 55m using Air/Nitrox/Oxygen. Training was provided by a Technical Diving Instructor Trainer according to the system of the Technical Diving International (TDI). The course extended over the period of 11 days, during which practical training was carried out in the mornings and theoretical lesson took place in the evenings. During the course nine dives were carried out to a maximum depth of 55m.

I have been a SCUBA diving instructor since in 1991. And in 2011 I became an Instructor Trainer ( CMAS 3-Star Instructor). However, I had little interest in technical diving until I came across two archaeological projects in which technical diving was utilised effectively. These were the investigation of the Antikythera Shipwreck by the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in 2015, and the Black Sea Maritime Archaeology Project in 2016. In both projects technical diving was used to explore deep archaeological sites. Since then, I have been following more closely the use of deep and technical diving techniques in the study of Underwater Cultural Heritage. Therefore, I was very keen to develop my diving knowledge and skills by studying technical diving courses to be able to dive safely to 55m. The courses I attended, and the quality training I received, enabled me to enhance my professional development. Currently, I am confidently able to safely plan and carryout dives up to 55m using Air, Nitrox and Oxygen.  

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