Sirine Saad El-Dine Ghiye- First Arabic Building Capacity for Underwater Culture Heritage Course

The purpose of this course was to gaining skills in building capacity in maritime archeology and marine culture heritage for Maritime archeologists and related fields.  The course ran for 10 days from 26 Feb – 9 March 2023. I was one of 20 participants in the training where they are all from different Arabs countries.

The training was a basic courses and skills for maritime archeology, with a focus on the maritime resources of the Arabs countries. We discussed and discovered with colleagues the other maritime culture heritage in our Arabic world with determine the main issues and threats facing the maritime archeologists. This bursary was helpful to recognize and learn about different projects related to maritime archeology and marine science through collaboration and working with specialists and experienced colleagues. The main task of the training was to create and plan for a maritime project. From this point, I get experience in planning and management of sites, with working in group different nationalities to discover and understand the other sites around the world because each one has different categories and characteristic. To be one participant in this training led to improve my knowledge and skill diving, and using geographic system in studying sites, in addition, I improve my skill in discussion and presenting a paper.

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