Christelle Kabboul - 2022 - Muséum national d'Histoire naturelle

Christelle Kabboul PhD ScholarI have completed my undergraduate studies in Translation in 2015 then in Arts and Archaeology in 2018 at the Lebanese University. As my interest in environmental archaeology in general and in archaeobotany in particular grew, I applied to the MSc in Biodiversity, Ecology and Evolution – specialty in Quaternary, Prehistory, Bioarchaeology at the French National Museum of Natural History where I graduated with distinction in 2022.

Entitled “Spilling the beans – the origins, spread and impact of agriculture in the Central Levant: an anthracological and carpological study of PrePottery and Pottery Neolithic botanical remains on the Lebanese coast”, my doctoral project aims to reconstruct the environmental and socio-economic parameters of the emergence of early food-producing societies of the central Levantine littoral, to study the way various crops – whether annuals or fruit-trees – became part of the local diet and how village communities interacted with the natural environment.

My research interests mainly focus on the founder crops of the Neolithic, the emergence of agriculture in the Near East, subsistence economies of early societies, the process of plant domestication and the diffusion routes of domesticates.

The HFF’s decision to support my PhD project shows its versatility by promoting the advancement of research not only focused on submerged sites but also on coastal ones, where the first farmers’ interaction with the environment is strongly linked to the sea.

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