New Publication - The Seamless Sea Casebook

This Seamless Sea Casebook arose from a Policy Forum held in 2016, organised by the Honor Frost Foundation Steering Committee on Underwater Cultural Heritage. 

The Policy Forum sought to encourage connectivity in public engagement relating to the sea and its human past. It provided an opportunity to discuss how we can increase the social and economic benefits of marine and maritime cultural heritage by bringing together audiences and joining-up diverse assets, resources, and research.

Since the Policy Forum in 2016 and publication of its outputs, there has been a surge of interest in communicating the importance of the relationship between people and the sea, which is gaining further momentum through the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development 2021–30 (the UN Ocean Decade). 

The Honor Frost Foundation (HFF) strongly supports the UN Ocean Decade, recognising the contribution that cultural heritage and archaeological practices can make to sustainable development. Notably, HFF has supported the Ocean Decade Heritage Network (ODHN) to engage with the UN Ocean Decade, reflected now in the inclusion of the Cultural Heritage Framework Programme as a formally recognised programme of the Decade.

The HFF Steering Committee on Underwater Cultural Heritage (UCH) provides advice to HFF and helps to shape its policy towards UCH. The Steering Committee identifies potential public policy issues relating to UCH, considers the way to strengthen relationships with key audiences, advises on how to communicate activities, and implements its programme of work accordingly.

Click on the image to view and download a pdf of the Casebook, or contact us if you would like a hard copy –

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