Diving in the Seas of Sustainability : Maritime Archaeology and Global Challenges

Honor Frost Foundation 11th Annual Lecture 

9th December 2022 6pm – 8pm

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In the era of Blue Growth, what role can Maritime Archaeology play in a sustainable future? Despite a decade of archaeological discoveries, the relevance of Maritime Archaeology remains in question as economies and livelihoods are placed at the forefront of the Sustainable Development Goals. Infrastructural and economic development in the marine zone is growing faster than the ability of countries to establish protection for their marine natural and cultural resources. Policies are inadequate, capacities are scarce, and heritage is often seen as a barrier to development, despite its importance in achieving global sustainability. As recent studies have shown, development strategies that do not take culture, including heritage, into account can work to decrease local livelihoods and community well-being.

The Honor Frost Foundation has changed the face of maritime archaeology in the eastern Mediterranean. Through collaborative, ethical, and challenge-led research, maritime archaeology can contribute to develop a heritage practice centred on social challenges and human rights. From advancing our knowledge of past maritime societies, and the development of the discipline within academic education and research, to influencing policy and management practice, the strategy of the Foundation has placed marine heritage on the map of the key resources needed for sustainable development in the region and beyond. Focusing on the Foundation’s impact and reflecting on the work of the Rising from the Depths Network in east Africa, this annual lecture will provide key thoughts from innovative research approaches on how Maritime Archaeology can contribute to sustainable development and is relevant to the challenges facing the world today.

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Dr Arturo Rey da Silva is a maritime archaeologist and cultural heritage specialist with extensive experience in the field of international cooperation, capacity-building, and heritage diplomacy.

In 2021, The Honor Frost Foundation, in cooperation with the Rising from the Depths Network (RftD), awarded him a postdoctoral fellowship to study the potential of Marine Cultural Heritage (MCH) for sustainable development

Dr Arturo Rey da Silva,

Honor Frost Scholar in Marine Cultural Heritage

University of Edinburgh


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